So You Wanna Go (Extremely) Green?

So after a bad Friday night, you woke up Saturday morning and thought to yourself, “Starting today, I’m going to save the world.” Naturally, the second thought you had was, “I know, I’ll start with saving the environment and completely revamping the way I view sustainability.” The next thing you did was take a really, really long shower…

For those who might not have the capacity to become overnight extremists, I asked Building JJ’s resident revolutionary Jesse Schaffer what his advice would be for those who might, well, struggle with change.

1. Buy less: Yes, this twenty-year-old only buys bare essentials and attempts to reuse everything from clothing to glass bottles. Although this sounds difficult, we have two examples to follow. Jesse and…Patagonia? You heard right-Last year the popular enviro-friendly brand told their customers to recycle their clothing and buy less-even from them.

2. Shop locally. VERY locally: If you’re Jesse, that means in your own room. He grows a handful of his own vegetables and herbs. The most unique creation in his apartment? Homemade Kombucha. Things that won’t flourish in his apartment such as grain or cow, he tries to buy from local farms.

Homemade Kombucha

3. You gonna eat that?: Be conscious of the food you put in your body. Spend your money on smart and healthy decisions. Treat your body well and try to live holistically.

4. Trade your rose colored glasses for green ones: Ultimately, Schaffer challenges everyone to transform the way they live. Live with less and live more simply. Consume less, give more and try to help nourish the earth like it does for us. Start by finding something you’re passionate about. Care about water? Shorten your showers. Maybe start composting. Wherever you choose to begin, continue to push yourself to expand this mentality to every aspect of your life.

Although Schaffer’s advice is primarily based on principle, you can always start with the little things too. Try shutting off the lights or unplugging your technology. Want more ideas? Check out this interactive website to get started.

And remember, don’t get discouraged. It’ll take a while before you start getting in the habit of helping out.

Good luck! -CH


One thought on “So You Wanna Go (Extremely) Green?

  1. Hi Chanelle,

    I like your take as a “how to” post. This is clever and fun. You could use some more links and photo attribution, and you need to take the post full circle so that it tells a story. You need a couple more closing lines. Also try to focus in a little more on your topic.

    Good work.


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