Eclectic and Electric Cars

Electric cars can be really fun. AND cheap (or expensive). AND quirky (or sexy). I entered the world of electric vehicles on National Plug-in Day, when electric car owners gathered in 65 different cities around the country to strut their electric stuff and check out other electric advocates. At many of these gathering, Plug-in Day ended up looking mostly like a festival of Nissan Leafs… with a few extravagant and/or innovative vehicles sprinkled here and there.

This is a post about said extravagances and innovations. As someone who much prefers a bike to a car, I went straight for cars and stories that stood out. First, let’s talk extravagance.

Tesla Roadster: the wicked fast (and expensive) Tesla Roadster  attracted ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and other forms of interest at National Plug-in Day. Understandably so! It’s downright gorgeous (and this is coming from the ultimate car non-enthusiast), tops off at 125 mpg, and costs a whopping $100,000. Who said electric had to be slow and couldn’t be sexy??

(Insert wolf whistle here)

Tesla Roadster electric sports car. 125 mph for $100,000
Image from

So the Tesla may be revolutionary by some standards. BUT it’s not the car that really caught my eye. Fancy cars come and fancy cars go, after all. Now the roadster that really captured my heart its the one that gets MORE wolf whistles and thumbs up than the Tesla Roadster. Which brings me to…. (drum roll please)

Charlie Garlow’s Golden Electric Bug-E. It’s a customized three-wheeled motorcycle powered by lithium batteries and built for endurance. Charlie, the Bug-E’s owner and driver, is an absolute cartoon-character of a man who plans to drive the boldly-painted Bug-E to California and back from Washington D.C.  He’ll be motoring along, capturing attention along the way an directing it at sustainable energy initiatives. They call it the Fun Run in the Sun, and already have a blog to spread the word.

Charlie’s Electric Bug-E before he painted it golden
Photo from

Keep an eye out for Charlie to come flying through your city in the next year or two, and consider joining him on his cross-country adventure. He’s trying to start an American wave of electric cars. There’s already one happening in Europe (and that’s where he’s headed next). Why not spread it here as well?

For a taste of Charlie and his innovative electric vehicles, see below:



One thought on “Eclectic and Electric Cars

  1. Hi Ellie,

    I love how this starts, but it is a little unfocused. I wish you had really run with the idea of electric cars being sexy. It provides a lot of opportunity for humor, and makes the point that there is a new cool kid in town and fossil fuel cars are going out of style. This needs to be about either Charlie’s Bug-E or the Car-men Electra (pardon the pun). Your voice, links, and photos are good though. The title could be more specific too.


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