Roof Gardens?

Whenever I heard about going green my frame of thought never went to buildings and certainly not the tops of them. At least, not before I began taking SMPA 195. Since the start of the semester I have learned and talked a lot about green roofs.

What would otherwise be a normal roof is covered by a layer vegetation; a thin layer makes up an extensive system and a deeper system is called an intensive green roof.  Green roofs act as a form of mitigation that helps extend roof life by two to three times, decreases heating and cooling costa and provides urban green space.

We actually have a green roof right here on the GW campus. Earlier today I had the chance to take a trip to 1959 E Street, one of our residents halls. More information about the GW Green Roofs here.

Green Roof on 1959 E St. Photo from GW Facilities

The residence hall 1959 E Street, one of the three dorms to have a solar thermal system on its roof, is also home to a green roof that was installed on October 25th, 2008.  GW students and other members of the community gathered to help with the project.

Sustainability Project Facilitator for the University, Sophie Waskow, spoke to us about this project and the roof:

Check out our full project on Solar Thermal Systems next week at the Planet Forward Film Festival!

For more information click here!

Jason Calabretta

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One thought on “Roof Gardens?

  1. Jason, you’ve found your voice! I am so glad to see your personal narrative come through in your blog post. It makes it a lot more fun to read. I like that you incorporated a clip of your video and a call to action at the end. So proud I could hang it on the fridge ;).


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