TN Travels: There’s an App for That

It’s finally time. Bridgett and I are heading to TN in a few hours to cover Village Volkswagen in Chattanooga, the latest and greenest technology in the auto-making business.

The past few weeks of planning have been exciting. And of course a bit of a challenge. Just this little overnight trip is expensive. From flights to hotels and cars, Chattanooga is not the easiest or cheapest place to get to.

But besides all that, do you ever think about the COST travel has on the environment? Well, you no longer have to.


This app Hootroot can help you plan the most efficient way to travel. Check it out

See, no thinking involved. No need to be wasteful any more!

Stay tuned for more updates on twitter about #VillageVolkswagen

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-Sara Snyder


One thought on “TN Travels: There’s an App for That

  1. Nice job with the video and topic, but you could go further in depth and include more links.


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