Yes, We Can…Can

What’s that? You say I’m stealing Obama’s election slogan for my own clever play on words? You caught me! But listen, I’ve learned a lot of cool things about cans this week and it’s impossible to resist the word play…and links to videos of the can-can.

But I digress.

I’ve got to be honest, I used to be one of those people who thought recycling was passé. When I was young, recycling seemed to be the only thing the green movement was pushing and I really didn’t think my little cans could make a difference.

But let’s seriously talk about the R-word for a second. I’m not going to sing you a song about reusing, reducing, and recycling, I just want to keep it simple – let’s talk about recycling cans. We use cans every day. In fact, the average employee consumes 2.5 cans of soda each day at work. I’m also going to bet that if you’re a college student (i.e. a college student who partakes in weekend beer pong play) your liquid can consumption is a bit more. There are also nearly 7 million people in the world. Them is a lot o’ cans.

So what can we do with all these cans? I’m glad you asked. We can recycle them!

We can, and we should, because it really does make a difference. I realized this through a list of really cool facts I found here, so I’m going to pick out a few of my favorites because they really speak for themselves:

1. Americans earn about $1 billion a year recycling aluminum cans. A used aluminum can returned to a recycling center is worth about a penny to consumer recyclers.

2. Using recycled aluminum beverage cans to produce new cans allows the aluminum can industry to make up to 20 times more cans for the same amount of energy.

3. Aluminum cans have amazing strength. Four six-packs (24 cans) can hold a 4,000-pound aluminum-bodied sedan.

4. America recycled enough aluminum cans last year to stretch to the moon and back 8 times.

5. Since 1972 Americans have recycled 37 billion lbs. or 1,099 trillion aluminum cans and earned over $25 billion by recycling aluminum beverage cans.


So case closed. You’re all recycling your cans now right???? Let me know by using the hashtag #thinkfwd. Oh yeah, and no’s aren’t accepted.


-Jordan Petitt @justpetitt




One thought on “Yes, We Can…Can

  1. Great job, Jordan! You really have a hold on blogging style. I enjoyed your post. Keep it up.



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