We’re Walking on Thin Ice…

It seems that everywhere we go, we can not get away from the conversation of global warming. Whether its politics, news, movies, tv or daily life, global warming is just as large a topic and conversation starter than anything else; however, while it has become a trendy topic for conversation it has not become a trendy topic for action. And action is what we desperately need.

Many of us have not heed the call to action because we either do not believe it n the evidence or that it is not an immediate threat and not as urgent as the downward spiraling economy, the millions of jobs lost, healthcare, education, America’s involvement in two wars, or the Republican debates……But what many of us need to realize is that it IS happening now and it is ALREADY having major effects on our world and on our lives.

Scientists from around the world have released data stating that the arctic ice sheets have been melting at a rate of 9% per decade and that in the past 50 years, the thickness of the ice sheet has dropped by 40%. If this continues, there will be no more ice during the arctic summer by 2040. That is only 30 years from now….meaning only 7 more Republican debates.

Already, this past summer has been the second record low, fairing slightly better than 2007.

The arctic ice melting is already affecting native people of the arctic regions. Due to the ice loss, animals such as polar bears, walruses, seals, and whales, which the native people desperately depend upon for food, are changing their feeding and migration patterns making it much harder to hunt them.

Arctic ice  is very important in regulating the earth’s temperature. The ice reflects the sunlight, bouncing the rays and heat back into the atmosphere. With the ice gone, the earth will be warmer which is already being felt. In Alaska, the spruce bark beetle is breeding faster in the warmer weather and living longer,chewing and killing over 3 million acres of Alaskan forest.

Higher temperatures also means sea level rising, causing beach erosion, coastal flooding and water contamination. Weather patterns will be affected and thus food production. The Natural Resources Defense Council states that “according to a NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies computer model, Kansas would be 4 degrees warmer in the winter without Arctic ice, which normally creates cold air masses that frequently slide southward into the United States. Warmer winters are bad news for wheat farmers, who need freezing temperatures to grow winter wheat.” This is just one of the many affects rising temperatures will have on food production. No arctic ice also means a change in sea patterns, causing much more destructive and threatening natural disasters.

Courtesy of EPA

We are walking on thin ice…..if we do not act now, it will break and we will all be swimming for our lives. So why wait? Why wait for 7 more Republican debates to act? Let’s do something now. Let’s get involved and take action. Set the trend.



One thought on “We’re Walking on Thin Ice…

  1. Awesome post, but who wrote it? I can’t give you a grade if you don’t include your name. otherwise this is spot on with style, hyperlinks, photos, etc. Is this Jordan?


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