Wake Up to a Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful earth and its great to be alive! This is a phrase I used to wake up to every morning after my mother would jump on my bed with about three cups of coffee running through her body. At first, I thought it was terribly annoying, but now I miss those days. Looking back, I can’t experience those moments but I can certainly wake up on the right side of the bed and start my days with an optimistic attitude.

First thing is for sure, global warming is not an enjoyable subject. In fact, I would say it is pretty much a bummer, a depressant. Why would anyone have a optimistic attitude if this was the first thought they woke up to every morning? Instead of waking up to a over caffeinated mother, I wake up on my own to a beautiful blue sky on a tender fall day. I embrace the earth’s beauty by learning more about what global warming is doing to our beautiful environment.

Recently, I have researched that global warming is causing arctic ice caps to melt. Since the 1960s, about 40% of the ice thickness has diminished because of all the greenhouse gases expended to the air by us humans. We are certainly not all to blame for this disaster, but we have participated a good amount to this problem. Acknowledging this is the first step. So acknowledge the fact that by 2040, the arctic will be free of ice and will cause sea levels to rise, weather patterns to change, and loss of animals in decades to come.

Together, we can all sustain our earth and make it so future generations can enjoy the beautiful steady weather; the rich wholesome day of Thanksgiving, the joyous snowfall during Christmas, the constant growth of nature in the weeks of April and May, and the patriotic steamy hot day in July. To enjoy these seasonal changes, the first step is to get involved by ways of facebook, twitter, and learning about the arctic’s situation. Getting involved and learning about this predicament will make you more aware, and make it so optimism can prevail for centuries to come.

So the next time you wake up to a beautiful morning, think about the earth or from your dream share the great innovative idea to help save our planet! Remember, every day is a day to learn something new.


One thought on “Wake Up to a Beautiful Day

  1. Is this Morgan? Include your name!

    I love the personalization of your post. I can see your personality and perspective. Use photos and hyperlinks next time to back up your ideas and introduce the main point about climate change sooner.



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