Playing with Numbers and Population

I hate numbers. Nothing about them has ever interested me. And even more so, nothing with them has ever been easy. So, naturally, when our class was given the assignment to “dazzle” an audience with a statistic, I couldn’t have been more… you could say thrilled. How could I, the person that hates numbers, make them sing, dance, and interesting enough for others to stay tuned?

Bridgett and I started on our quest. Find a number that was interesting. Did you know that right now there are 6.9 billion people on Earth and by 2050, there will be 9.3 billion people here? Can you imagine what Google Earth would look like if each person was a little dot? Gosh, we would be a bit crowded now, wouldn’t we? This number stuck in my head.

And then the consequences of having that many people follow. The Washington Post reported how “India’s infrastructure and environment, its cities and villages, its health-care and education systems are failing to keep pace with ever-growing demands.” This isn’t just in India either. The entire world’s cities are starting to feel the need for resources. Food, water, and shelter could all be at risk. But why does this matter?

Next step: Find a way to make this exciting. Prof. Sesno showed us this guy in class. Hans Rosling is one of the most brilliant scientists in the world (and he gets numbers too). His washing machine example just spoke to me. For our project, we adopted a kitchen theme. The world is just like your kitchen… stay tuned to figure out why.

We adopted a stop motion feel to our video. The tiny movements helped to capitalize on how quickly our world is changing.

Bridgett adjusts items in the "cities" as Sara runs the camera

Sitting in the edit room, the piece came together. For someone that hates numbers, I think it has been my favorite project to date. It’s just so fun!

And that’s just it! Projects like this are meant for people like me. People that don’t get numbers. People, though, that like to be entertained and learn something.  Numbers really do have an important job helping to legitimize almost everything. And when they have some music to them, and they wiggle to prove a point, it can only help!

-Sara Snyder

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One thought on “Playing with Numbers and Population

  1. Hi Sara,

    This is a fabulous improvement from your last post. Great job. My only suggestion is to work on your hook. You can keep the “I hate numbers” part, but the post should begin with something more indicative of the topic and compelling.



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