A pellet here, a pellet there

Can you imagine holding enough power in the palm of your hand to power an average American home for an entire year? You can. By placing five small pellets of uranium in your hand, you are wielding 11,000 kWh of power, which is the average amount of residential power that Americans consume yearly.

One small pellet of uranium can produce as much power as roughly 150 gallons of oil or 1,800 pounds of coal. Nuclear energy emits virtually no carbon while burning coal and oil cause air pollution.

Nuclear energy is clean, but is it practical? It is the most practical source of energy. To replace an average 1000 Megawatt nuclear power plant with wind power, you would have to blanket 235 square miles of land with turbines. Nuclear power plants barely take up any space compared to wind turbines and solar panels.

What about radiation? Is living near a nuclear plant dangerous? Not at all. You would have to live near a nuclear power plant for 2,000 years to incur the same amount of radiation that you get from a diagnostic X-Ray.

Nuclear energy is affordable, safe, clean, and efficient. We need new power plants that are built to withstand the worst that Mother Earth can throw at them. It is the 21st century. This is not a pie-in-the-sky dream. 16% of the World’s electricity comes from nuclear energy. Let’s boost that number significantly.


One thought on “A pellet here, a pellet there

  1. Hi Evan,

    Include your name!!! I like this post a lot, but be sure to present the other side of the argument to validate your thoughts. Surely a nuclear meltdown would lead to more radiation than an x-ray. Otherwise, nice job.


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