It’s Burning Up!

Many scientists say that the overall temperature of the earth is increasing. By 2100 it is expected that the earth’s climate will increase by 3 – 8.5 degrees. This would not just make the world hotter but affect so many different aspect of life.

Farming will be affected, animal migration patterns, tourism, the economy are just a few of the major factors. It will probably be a chain reaction that will be devastating to our world, as we know it.


An interesting web site that I found is Global Warming Forecasts. It shows the different temperature increases in a timeline from 2000-2090.


By 2050 the U.S. annual summer deaths due to extreme heat events is projected to reach up to 3,190 to 4,748. That’s a lot of people dying from heat in such a short period of time.


We need to act now so that we can change the world for our future. One of the craziest things I came across when looking up temperature rise was this photo of New York City flooded. The increased temperature will cause the oceans to rise and low-lying areas could be flooded like the rendering below.


New York City completely under water, seems like something you would see in a science fiction movie but this is real life. This is what our world could come to!


One thought on “It’s Burning Up!

  1. Is this Jason? Include your name!

    I can see improvements from last time, but watch your formatting. There are too many spaces between paragraphs. Give credit to your photos, and try to tell a story next time.


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