Solar Energy…The Way of the Future

Over the past week I have really gotten to enjoy learning about Team First Light and meeting the different people associated with bringing this house to America. The house itself is fascinating and combines so many unique features together to make it sustainable. From it’s dryer that uses water to dry clothing to an iPad app that controls features in the house and monitors their usage it is innovative and unique.

My favorite part of the First Light house is certainly the dryer. When I read online before the decathlon started that they had a clothes dryer that uses water to dry clothes I thought to myself that isn’t possible. After my first tour of the house and first glimpse of the dryer I still didn’t understand how that’s even possible. After being very perplexed one of tour guides explained it to me further and explained that it really isn’t as complex as I thought. It fairly simple, just running hot water through tubes in a cupboard and then using a fan to suck out the humidity the clothes in the dryer will dry over time.


The other things that I found so interesting about this house is that TWO hours of sunlight can power the entire house for the entire day! Solar costs more than any other energy source but it extremely effective. The problem with solar energy is in the installation cost but over time the money you save adds up! Solar energy is certainly the way of the future and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more innovative ways of using energy from the sun in years to come.

In the end New Zealand game in THIRD place overall!


2 thoughts on “Solar Energy…The Way of the Future

  1. Hi Jason,

    Make sure to write your name at the bottom of your post. I like the flow and tone of your post, but it seems to have a lack of punctuation, so make sure to proofread. The photos are great, but be sure to give credit. Try to include more hyperlinks in the post. I like your title. Try to make it more specific next time do people can find your post in Google searches – something like “The Future of Solar Energy Starts in New Zealand.” You have a really thoughtful, positive message, which I enjoy as well.



  2. Frank Sesno says:

    And add to the editing…It’s is not possessive, it’s a contraction. Edit more, better, carefully. In a blog you can also be conversational. It’s about your insight, your journey, what you have learned and come away with. Need links here…so that people can go deeper, see and explore more courtesy of you, the blogger tour-guide. Blogs are great opportunities to have that CONVERSATION and really ENGAGE people along the way. Push the envelope.

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